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A Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling: Of Honour & Honourable Quarrels

“A Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling: Of Honour and Honourable Quarrels” by Vincentio Saviolo and edited by Jared Kirby
Originally published under the title “Of Honour and Honourable Quarrels” Saviolo’s guide is devoted to the art of settling a duel in a gentlemanly manner.
It was written in a time when honour, virtue and codes of behaviour were of grave importance; and rapier play was seen as ideally suited to the requirements of a gentleman.
This new edition has updated the Elizabethan language to modern British English in order to make it more accessible to today’s reader and includes explanatory annotations.
Preceding the guide is the most comprehensive biography on Saviolo ever compiled: many suppositions and misnomers have been spread for hundreds of years and Kirby has gone back to the primary source material to finally uncover the truth about Vincentio Saviolo.

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