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Atlas of Medieval Jewish History

“Atlas of Medieval Jewish History” by Haim Beinart

For the first time in English, here is a comprehensive visual introduction to the history of the Jewish people in the Middle Ages.

The Atlas includes more than one hundred maps, with accompanying text, that give an in-depth review of Jewish history throughout the world from the 5th to the 17th centuries.

The Atlas covers milestone events of Jewish history during this period: the dispersion of the Jews in the fourth and fifth centuries up to the Crusades; the Black Death; the expulsion from Spain; the persecutions of 1648 in eastern Europe and the Sabbatean movement.

The maps and text illustrate the sequence of persecution, expulsion, migration, and destruction, on the one hand, and a spiritual, religious, and cultural flowering, on the other.

For students, scholars, and the general reader, the Atlas of Medieval Jewish History is a welcome new reference that will be an indispensable guide to this era.


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