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Celtic Warfare: From the Fifth Century BC to the First Century AD

“Celtic Warfare: From the Fifth Century BC to the First Century AD” by Gioal Canestrelli.

Warfare was a crucial aspect of Celtic society, deeply linked to the spreading of their culture through all Europe.

Between the fifth century BC, when La Tène Culture Celts developed in Europe, and the first century AD, when they faced the complete subjugation or annihilation of most of their communities, their approach to warfare was subject to constant evolution, driven both by contact with Mediterranean cultures and different requirements closely related to social issues that were in constant flux.

Gioal Canestrelli offers an interdisciplinary approach, combining archaeological and literary sources and examining Celtic warfare from both a practical perspective, linked to weapons structure and military tactics, and a social perspective, analyzing the cultural implications of Celtic military development.

Furthermore, the book analyses the different areas of the Keltiké, from Britain to Gaul, from Spain to the Alpine region, with more than 120 black & white drawings of the archaeological finds and a number of original color artworks of Celtic warriors.


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