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ÖGUF-Vortrag: Sue Heaser “The Experimental Archaeology of Roman and Early Medieval Beadmaking”

12/01/2023 @ 19:00 - 21:00 UTC+2
Der AK Experimentelle Archäologie der ÖGUF lädt zum Vortrag:
Sue Heaser, Suffolk, United Kingdom
“The Experimental Archaeology of Roman and Early Medieval Beadmaking”
This study examines the techniques of ancient beadmakers using hot glass beadmaking and replica tools to identify how the beads were made. Decorated polychrome beads and mosaic millefiori beads are demonstrated as well as millefiori cane-making. Roman glass cullet excavated from London was tested in the flame to assess its working properties when applied to beadmaking and the results give intriguing insights into the glass used in antiquity.
Es handelt sich hierbei um eine online-Veranstaltung, Sie können via Zoom über den folgenden Link teilnehmen:
Über diesen Link können Sie direkt dem Zoom-Meeting beitreten:
Meeting-ID: 620 3785 0493
Kenncode: 548458

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