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SA Medieval Fair 2023 – Paracombe

May 6 - May 7

Her Majesty invites all her loyal subjects from lands near and far, to attend this the most auspicious royal event at her new lands in Paracombe.

All ye fairgoers young and old, may gain exclusive entry to the crown lands of her Royal Highness and delight in the wonderous entertainment that her Royal Courtiers hath assembled for your viewing pleasure.

Knights of the Royal Guard will demonstrate their skills, The Kings Own Jousters will thrill and delight the fair folk as they speed towards each other in the joust, SA Horse Archery will amaze the crowd with their accuracy with bow and arrows on horseback, Vikings will loot and pillage, the Strongest man in Australia will lift the great stones in an old traditional Scottish test of manhood and there will be fierce battles in the combat arena by the SCA, Ironclad Academy of the Sword and the fearless SA Scorpions. The Medieval Archers and Living History encampments will transport fair folk back to times of old as they replicate life back throughout history. Punch and Judy, wandering minstrels, medieval musicians, performers, belly dancers and Philippe the juggler will provide entertainment for all to enjoy.

Merchants and Artisans will display their wares for purchase and Purveyors of Fine Foods and Drink will tempt those who hunger for delicious delights and tasty morsels for the gastronomic elite. The Pale Raven Tavern will be serving mulled wine and mead for those who wish to sit for a while and listen to the sounds of yesteryear.

Tickets to enter for both or one day will be available at the entry gates, but ye cannot purchase using the coin of the realms as the plague continues to still ravage the lands so the Grand Wizard hath conjured up a magical box that thou must use to pay the price.

By her Majesty’s Royal Decree it is the event of the year to be seen at.




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