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Snowdown Renaissance Fair and Tournament

03/02/2023 - 04/02/2023
So, seeing as it is such a perfect fit we decided to host a mini Renaissance Fair. Live Music, DJs, Knights, Bards, Lords, Ladies, Catapults, Fire Performers, a Magician Festival food, a Tavern run by Steamworks and Ska Brewing. We are hosting several competitions and events for the general public to participate in including, old English insult contests, battle of the bards, and a catapult competition. All this alongside bringing back more of last year’s craziest event Real Steel Armored Combat!
February 2nd kicks us off with a late night show hosted by the Animas City Theater.
Doors open at 7 and the event begins at 8pm.
Friday February 3rd you can find us at our renaissance festival at the Durango Transit Center and in the parade with a surprise float.
The fair starts at noon and will run till the parade.
Saturday the fair will be held from noon till 7pm.
If interested in participating as a fighter, entertainer, or volunteering please reach out and I will add you to our private group.

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