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Way of Honor Buhurt Open Tournament 2022

17/09/2022 - 18/09/2022
Historisch gerüsteter Vollkontaktkampf !
Unser Eisenliga-Turnier ist wieder da ! Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Teams aus ganz Europa und haben Platz für 20 Mannschaften geschaffen !
Kampfmodus :
5vs5 (female)
– Lagermöglichkeit vorhanden
– Bürgerhalle vorhanden
– Teilnahmegebühr pro Team 50,- Euro
– Wasser während der Kämpfe umsonst
– Frühstück für eine kleine Gebühr möglich
Historically full contact combat!
Our Iron League Tournament is back! We look forward to numerous teams from all over Europe and have made room for 20 teams!
Battle mode :
5v5 (female)
– Campsize available
– Citizens’ hall available
– Participation fee per team 50,- Euro
– Free water during battles
– Breakfast possible for a small fee
– Aftershowparty
Registration-Link :
Update :
Schedule is coming soon.
For making some advertisment, and for our Live stream…we need a JPEG from your Coat of arms..
send it, this week, pls to
Next point is, Alex Titov would make a Workshop in “HMB-Marshall” (first steps) …so pls contact him, if you are interested. In all other cases…write me or here
teams, who are coming by train to the city of Bad Kreuznach (5 km from location)…when you have arrived, contact me, and we send our trailers and transportes to pick you and your stuff up
Teams, who are sleeping in the townhall, there will be toilets and showers. The townhall is about 500m away from location, but you let your armor at the list…we secure it, so that you not need to carry the whole shit every day^^
Teams who wanna camp, there will be Toilets at the location but no showers…but we will fixe some water hose for the hard knights^^
You can buy breakfast (buns with cheese and ham) incl Coffee or tea, for a very little fee at the location
All tents allowed (modern and medieval) Campers parking possible
we have no wood…so you have to bring it with yourself..or you can buy it at a near hardware store
during tournement..we have two shops there, Lemberg Armor from Ukraine and Institorium from Poland. So if you wanna make pre orders…you can save shipping costs
Please dont forget, its BL Open, so AC rules will be checked, shitty armor will be banned, not so shitty armor but against rules will be given yellow card. Also, everyone must have belt number
we will have six HMB-Marshalls..so we´re well prepared
We will have a food station there with “BRATWURST” and drinking station with good german beer and our Eisenliga-Wine. Saturday, will be an aftershowparty
during the fights, we will have a medic team and a doctor near the list.
this is the biggest event in Europe 2022! I expect discipline, decency and chivalry from all teams. There will be an award for the fighter who behaved in the most exemplary way throughout the tournament
when you arrive..com…e to registration tent. pay your fee, and sign up. you will get a rubberstamp
Schedule :
Captains meeting at 10 am in the list
Saturday :
Weaponcheck with shields start 09.00 am
Don´t forget Beltnumbers
Start fights 5v5 men at 11.30 am
1st and 2nd ofeach group reaches the next round
We will fight up to the semi-finals
After the fights (plus one hour) we start our marshall-workshop with Alex Titov in a location room
9 pm Aftershow-Party in the List
Food and drink station are opened the whole time
Your Supporters can take waterbottles for the fighters from our drinking station for free
Sunday :
weaponcheck and shields for women
starts at 10am
All women fights (5v5 and 12v12) with medal ceremony
5v5 finals men
12v12 men
Medal ceremony
We plan to end the event about 4 pm

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