“The Medieval Crossbow: A Weapon Fit to Kill a King” by Stuart Ellis-Gorman (2022)

The crossbow is an iconic weapon of the Middle Ages and, alongside the longbow, one of the most effective ranged weapons of the pre-gunpowder era.

February Half Term at Warwick Castle 2022 – Festival of Archery

This February Half Term at Warwick Castle, encounter the centuries-old art of archery like never before!

Medieval Combat Society Training/Recruitment Day

Have fun whilst entertaining others and generating interest in British history.

Johannesburg’s Medieval Fayre 2022: There & Back Again

Somewhere between the Shire and Isengard, on the road to Mordor we find a magical place where Hobbits and Orcs, Ents and Elves all live in harmony. Where tradesman and crafters, warriors and wizards and dragons and dwarves can be found wandering freely. Experience battles, beards, stocks, swords, archery, meat and ale. The Middle Earth market will trade all day! Stroll through Rivendell village, purchase wares, fill your bellies, dance and get merry on mead.

War Bows: Longbow, Crossbow, Composite Bow & Japanese Yumi (2019)

War bows were a mainstay of armies throughout the world from the earliest recorded battles over three thousand years ago to the 16th century, when firearms finally came of age. Even then, in some cultures, the bow remained in use by elite warriors. The bow gave combatants the ability to fight at distance and it played an important role in some of the most famous battles in human history.

With a Bended Bow: Archery in Medieval & Renaissance Europe (2018)

With a Bended Bow covers all aspects of the manufacture of ‘artillery’, the shooting styles and the uses of mediaeval and Renaissance archery based upon contemporary manuscripts, preserved artefacts and accurate reproductions.

The Medieval Archer (2000)

This is a study of the archer and his weapon, from the Norman Conquest to the Wars of the Roses.

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