Our friends from Ukraine: Medieval Extreme

As an armchair historian who came to the wonderful, hectic sport of Historical Medieval Battle and Buhurt sometime in 2015 (?), I went on a mass "Add Friend" spree to meet and connect with various buhurtists all over the world...

The Art of Armour Conference 2022

3 Days of talks about Armour, from some of the most knowledgable and talented creators and professionals from around the world!

Braselton Medieval Faire 2021

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind entertaining, educational and engaging event on the Braselton Town Green! FREE to attend! There will be living history demonstrations, hands-on activities, and vendors. Fun for the whole family!

Fashion in Steel: The Landsknecht Armor of Wilhelm von Rogendorf

Recently conserved to its original glory, this magnificent suit of armor, made for a trusted courtier, diplomat, and commander of infantry units for the Habsburgs, deceives the eye: the steel sleeves drape in graceful folds, with cuts in the surface, suggesting the armor is made from cloth rather than metal. The author of this fascinating volume explores the question: why does the armor look this way?

Armour of the English Knight 1400-1450

Written by the Wallace Collection Curator of Arms and Armour Tobias Capwell, this detailed and lavishly illustrated book chronicles the armour worn by English men-at-arms during the later phases of the Hundred Years War.

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