Armored Combat Tournament

ACW 2023 Spring Nationals Tournament @ FitCon Utah

Get close and hear swords, axes, shields and armor clash and sparks fly in one-on-one competition and team melees. This is your chance to meet and talk to the fighters and teams from all over the USA in this action-packed sport! Bring the family and friends to see real Knights! Real Fights!

Battle of Alderlea 2023 IMCF Qualifier Tournament – Vancouver, Canada

An two day Medieval Combat tournament open to all, as well as the Canadian qualifiers for the IMCF Championships to be held in Spain.

AMCF National Championship Qualifier Tournament 2023

Watch fighters across the USA gather and earn a chance to represent their country at the IMCF 2023 World Championship at Belmonte Castle in Spain in April/May 2023!

Canadian Classic 2023 Armored Combat Tournament

Canada's biggest Armored Combat Tournament is back fo a two day Medieval Combat event!

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