The Manuscripts Club: The People Behind a Thousand Years of Medieval Manuscripts

The illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages are among the greatest works of European art and literature. We are dazzled by them and recognize their crucial role in the transmission of knowledge. However, we generally think much less about the countless men and women who made, collected and preserved them through the centuries, and to whom they owe their existence.

The Lindisfarne Gospels: Art, History & Inspiration

This brand-new, accessible volume explores the latest research and thinking on the Lindisfarne Gospels and is published as the manuscript goes on loan to the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle for an exhibition exploring its meaning in today’s world.

Botticelli’s Secret: The Lost Drawings and the Rediscovery of the Renaissance

Some five hundred years ago, Sandro Botticelli, a painter of humble origin, created works of unearthly beauty. A star of Florence’s art world, he was commissioned by a member of the city’s powerful Medici family to execute a near-impossible project: to illustrate all one hundred cantos of The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, the ultimate visual homage to that “divine” poet.

A Cultural History of the Medieval Sword: Power, Piety and Play

The sword is an important and multi-faceted symbol of military power, royal and communal authority, religion and mysticism. This study takes the sword beyond its functional role as a tool for killing, considering it as a cultural artefact, and the broader meaning and significance it had to its bearer.

Medieval Manuscript Creature Creation Workshop

Learn more about the animals, creatures, and other fun characters that are hidden throughout the Penn Libraries Medieval Manuscript Collection, then create your own!

Online Talk: German Renaissance Sculpture

Completely out of kilter with the developments in Italy of the High Renaissance, this episode in art history is not especially well known, but it is spectacular, with many individual virtuosic sculptors creating astonishing works. Lecture by Dr Victoria Mier

The Museum of Drugs: Under the Influence – A History of Drug Use

In modern times, drugs have become synonymous with crime and disorder; vilified in the media as the root cause of many of our social ills, and lambasted by politicians who are keen to demonstrate they are tough and uncompromising. Yet the history of narcotics and the use thereof, is not so cut and dry.

ÖGUF-Vortrag: Sue Heaser “The Experimental Archaeology of Roman and Early Medieval Beadmaking”

Der AK Experimentelle Archäologie der ÖGUF lädt zum Vortrag: Sue Heaser, Suffolk, United Kingdom - "The Experimental Archaeology of Roman and Early Medieval Beadmaking"

The 8th Brevard Renaissance Fair

Gather one and all for the 8th season of the Brevard Renaissance Fair in the Forest of Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida.

Normannia 2023 – Rouen

Normannia, c’est LE salon médiéval-fantastique de Rouen!

Pottery Course: Four Week Throwing Course for Beginners.

Ever fancied a go on a potters wheel? This class is aimed at throwing newbies, suitable for total beginners aged 16 plus. Class size is small so you’ll have plenty of advice and tips from one of our professional pottery tutors.

22nd Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies

A unique opportunity to showcase the Medieval Studies community at your institution, gain valuable professional development experience, and meet fellow medievalists!

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