Kingdom of Caid Medieval Marketplace

Come out and support your local SCA Merchants for your Holiday shopping needs! Open to the public!

Dragons, Heroes, Myths & Magic: The Medieval Art of Storytelling (2022)

Some of literature’s most celebrated myths, legends and fables explored, retold and examined alongside the story of the books in which they are held.

Stage d’enluminure 2022

L'art insulaire sera mis à l'honneur avec la création d'une lettrine insulaire, inspirée du livre de Kells (VIII - IXème siècle), livre dont je me suis également inspiré pour mon manuscrit.

Holbein: Masters of Art (2022)

This introduction to the work of the 16th-century master portraitist Hans Holbein reveals the impressive and surprising scope of his career.

Viking Knit for Beginners

A great Viking knit class for beginners.

Viking Knit for Beginners

A great Viking knit class for beginners.

Medieval Window Workshop

The Medieval Glass Window teaches the basics of soldering with a soldering wand, using flux, metal, copper tape, and other tools/supplies to create the quintessential medieval window. the workshop focuses on the formation of the window rather than cutting glass. Preshaped diamond and triangle beveled glass will be used. This is an in-person workshop. There are no kits and no videos available.

Workshop: Early Medieval Manuscript Illumination 2022

In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to the art and interior content of early medieval manuscripts. Due to their highly decorative quality, we will be using Irish texts (such as the Book of Kells) as examples to demonstrate the creative and technical processes of constructing ancient manuscripts.

The Fadden More Psalter: The Discovery & Conservation of a Medieval Treasure (2022)

The remains of an illuminated manuscript from the early medieval period, along with its leather cover, were discovered by chance during turf-cutting operations. The find made international headlines and today represents one of the National Museum of Ireland’s top ten treasures.

Marché Médiéval de Noël à Provins 2022

Chaque année WeDiscover vous invite à découvrir le Marché Médiéval de Noël de Provins. Ludique et authentique, le marché médiéval de Noël de Provins enchantera petits et grands. Réchauffez-vous en dansant sur des musiques médiévales, admirez les prouesses des jongleurs et découvrez l’atmosphère unique et féerique du marché en soirée, illuminé par des centaines de bougies... Revivez la magie de Noël à travers de nombreuses animations à la fois insolites et traditionnelles !

9th Annual Medieval Studies Colloquium – False Dichotomy: Sacred & Secular in the Middle Ages

The Colloquium offers an opportunity for graduate students in multiple disciplines to present their research in the various fields of medieval studies, share and receive feedback, and participate in discussion on topics of interest with peers from a wider, interdisciplinary community of Medieval Studies scholars, without the restrictions of membership or registration fees.

Imagining Jerusalem in Late Medieval Nuremberg: Adam Kraft & Albrecht Durer – Lecture

Recent research shows that imagining Jerusalem played a crucial part in many late medieval devotional practices – virtual pilgrimages to Jerusalem, reconstructions of its topography and sacred places in European cities, visualizations of one’s own city as Jerusalem.

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