Crash Course in a Cotehardie (part 1)

On October 2nd and 3rd the amazing Taran Daestingr will share her professional skills with us! Coming learn pattern making, mock ups, and fitting, in this 2 part Cotehardie Class (Saturday and Sunday) You are encouraged to have fabric for making a mock-up as part of Part 1’s homework. If planning a bust- supportive garment, striped fabric (sheets or ordinary quilters cotton) is recommended, to help you pin evenly, cutting out and putting together your “mock up”.

Fashion in the Middle Ages

Much of what is known about medieval fashion is gleaned from the pages of manuscripts, which serve as a rich source of imagery. This volume provides a detailed look at both the actual fabrics and composition of medieval clothing as well as the period’s attitude toward fashion through an exploration of illuminated manuscripts in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum.

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