Bayou Fecht 2022

Bayou Fecht (Hosted by Nachreisen Historical Fencing) is being held May 28 - 29, 2022 in Gonzales, Louisiana. Register today for a relaxing weekend of community, swords, and fun - Cajun Style! Registration includes workshops, entry to both longsword and dagger tournaments and a full coffee bar with (blasphemous) king cake, as well as Saturday night's After Fecht party!

Torneo El Burgo de Ebro 2022

Torneo El Burgo de Ebro! 30 April in Spain - Featuring Men's 5vs5 and 12vs12 battles!

Buhurt Tournament Ruschegg 2022

Tournament Ruschegg, 9 April 2022, in Ruschegg, Switzerland.

Mead and Mayhem 2022

MEAD AND MAYHEM 2022! Mead & Mayhem is a 2-day Buhurt (full contact armored combat) fighting event featuring a handful of armored combat teams from across the Eastern United States.

Tournoi de Metz 2022

Welcome to the 1st Metz Tournament! Held March 19 & 20 - French team selection tournament for Battle of the Nations in buhurt categories of 5vs5, 12vs12 and 30vs30! Event will be livestreamed!

Compétition de Béhourd en Duel – La Dame d’Acier 2022

French team selection tournament in 1vs1 categories for participation in the Battle of the Nations 2022! Le samedi 05 et le dimanche 06 mars 2022 aura lieu la "La Dame d'Acier", compétition de béhourd duel ligues HMB et WMFC, (rankés au classement international) qui se déroulera pour la première fois à Saint Michel sur Orge.

Purpleheart Open 2022

Three day all encompassing HEMA event featuring tournaments, workshops from renowned instructors, and plenty of casual sparring.

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