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A Medieval Christmas 2021

Join Archaedium to welcome in the festive season with the relaxing sounds of Christmas past.

Medieval Cantors & their Craft: Music, Liturgy & the Shaping of History, 800-1500 (2019)

This volume seeks to address the fundamental question of how the range of cantors' activities can help us to understand the many different ways in which the past was written and, in the liturgy, celebrated across the Middle Ages. Its essays are studies of constructions, both of the building blocks of time and of the people who made and performed them, in acts of ritual remembrance and in written records

Music in the Medieval West – Western Music in Context (2014)

Margot Fassler's Music in the Medieval West imaginatively reconstructs the repertoire of the Middle Ages by drawing on a wide range of sources. In addition to highlighting the ceremonial and dramatic functions of medieval music (both sacred and secular), she pays special attention to the exchange of musical ideas, the development of musical notation and other methods of transmission, and the role of women in musical culture.

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