Historical Medieval Battle

Valhalla Battle Fest 3

Back for another full contact armored fighting & nerd community event!

Mead and Mayhem 2023

MEAD AND MAYHEM 2023! Mead & Mayhem is a 2-day Buhurt (full contact armored combat) fighting event featuring armored combat teams from across the United States.

Carolina Carnage 2023

Carolina Carnage is back for 2023! Once again bringing you one of the largest medieval fighting events in the country!

Hyland Western Championship Buhurt Tournament 2022

This will be our 3rd annual Hyland Western Championship at the Idyllwild Renaissance Faire! Anticipate fighting in front of large crowds and the Queen herself.

Way of Honor Buhurt Open Tournament 2022

Historisch gerüsteter Vollkontaktkampf! Unser Eisenliga-Turnier ist wieder da! Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Teams aus ganz Europa und haben Platz für 20 Mannschaften geschaffen!

Berlepsch Cup Buhurt Challenger Tournament 2022

The nistorical full contact combat Iron League Tournament is back at Schloss Berlepsch!

The Trans-Tasman Buhurt Cup 2022

Come and support your local fighters and see an Australia vs NZ medieval battle competition at Brewtown, Upper Hutt on the 27th of August. Entry is free!

Our friends from Ukraine: Medieval Extreme

As an armchair historian who came to the wonderful, hectic sport of Historical Medieval Battle and Buhurt sometime in 2015 (?), I went on a mass "Add Friend" spree to meet and connect with various buhurtists all over the world...

Torneo Nacional de Combate Medieval 2022


A Hard Day’s Knight 2022 – A Fighters’ Fundraiser!

A Day of Chivalry & Mayhem! This fundraiser for the JuggerKnights full contact medieval combat team promises to be a day of medieval delights for the whole family!

Tournoi de Woippy Buhurt League Tournament 2022

Tournoi de Woippy, Buhurt Challenger Tournament 2022

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