Torneo Delle Alpi Buhurt League Tournament 2022

E' arrivato il momento di aggiungere ai buoni propositi per l'anno nuovo una nuova passione ricca di emozioni! Lo sport da combattimento a squadre più spettacolare di sempre: la BUHURT

Medieval Singing at Repubblica di San Marino

A masterclass from Hildegard von Bingen to Troubadour - monophonic songs from Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

24° Festa Celtica di Beltane – Pagan Fest italiano 2022

Dopo due anni di fermo pandemico, l'Associazione Anticaquercia e CDI in collaborazione anche con UCN ripropone lo storico Pagan Fest italiano.

Leghorn Medieval Festival 2022

Nasce a Livorno il Festival Medievale più grande del suo genere!

April Fools 2022 – HEMA Torino

Fools are back! 3rd edition of the annual event organized by Sala d’Arme del Folle in Turin (Italy), and valid for the CSEN National Championship. See you on april 9th and 10th

Europe Cup – Turnier Schluderns 2022

We are happy to announce that we can host a tournament in "Europe Cup mode" in Italy. MCF Full Contact Tournaments in the categories: Buhurt + 1 vs.1

St. Albert the Great: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Science | Online Science and Religion Series

Online Event by Angelicum Thomistic Institute Register here:… St. Albert the Great: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Science Fr. Thomas Davenport, OP The Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas 16 November 2021 7pm live from the Angelicum, Rome 7pm CET / 6pm GMT / 1pm EST You can live-stream this talk here on Facebook or on YouTube without registering, but if you register, we will send you a Zoom link via email and you will have an opportunity to submit questions to the speaker after the talk.  

Martialia HEMA Tournament 2021

Res Martialis in collaboration with Frascati Scherma, Duellatorum and Scherma Storica presents: “Martialia Hema Tournament” in the splendid setting of Frascati and its Renaissance villas, an unmissable event dedicated to Western Historical Martial Arts, valid for the “CSEN National Championship”

The Afterlife of the Roman City: Architecture & Ceremony in Late Antiquity & the Early Middle Ages – Reprint Edition

This book offers a new and surprising perspective on the evolution of cities across the Roman Empire in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages (third to ninth centuries AD).

Medieval Rome: Stability & Crisis of a City 900-1150

Medieval Rome analyses the history of the city of Rome between 900 and 1150, a period of major change in the city. This volume doesn't merely seek to tell the story of the city from the traditional Church standpoint; instead, it engages in studies of the city's processions, material culture, legal transformations, and sense of the past, seeking to unravel the complexities of Roman cultural identity, including its urban economy, social history as seen across the different strata of society, and the articulation between the city's regions.

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