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Swordplay Belgrade 2022

Pripremite se! It is on!

Sofia CrossSwords 2022

The first ever Bulgarian HEMA tournament event: Sofia CrossSwords 2022 - featuring two very special tournaments over two days!

Iron Gate Exhibition 2022

Featuring classes and workshops at our NEW outdoor facility in Fremont, NH.

Blademasters Open 2022

HEMA event featuring weekend filled with workshops and tournaments set in Trabolgan Holiday Village, County Cork, Ireland!


There is something new and exiting for everyone from the seasoned Swordpunk, the master martial artist, to the complete novice.

SabreSlash 2022

Come to Prague to enjoy workshops, Zabłocki Sabre tournament, SabreSlash moustache challenge and plenty of friendly sparring!

Midlands Muster VIII: Blades of Glory!

We invite you to the Order of the Blades' public sparring day event!

Swords of the Renaissance III 2022

This event is dedicated to the different styles and weapons of the Renaissance - intended to provide an overview and provide space for exchange and experimentation. Save the date and join us!

Mead and Mayhem 2022

MEAD AND MAYHEM 2022! Mead & Mayhem is a 2-day Buhurt (full contact armored combat) fighting event featuring a handful of armored combat teams from across the Eastern United States.

April Fools 2022 – HEMA Torino

Fools are back! 3rd edition of the annual event organized by Sala d’Arme del Folle in Turin (Italy), and valid for the CSEN National Championship. See you on april 9th and 10th

8th South East Renaissance Fencing Open 2022

The South East Renaissance Fencing Open is being held for the 8th time! This year the event shall include Longsword, Rapier, Sword and Buckler events. We look forward to seeing you there!


HEMAC HEMATHLON returns with a two days event that will take place on June 11 and 12. The event will host several workshops by renowned HEMA instructors from around the world along with three tournaments. Check the info on our workshops, tournaments and registration at:

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