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Easter Medieval Merriment at Harvington Hall 2022

Come and join us at Harvington Hall for Medieval revelry this Easter Bank Holiday weekend! The Hall will be filled with Medieval music and dancing, talented re-enactors will demonstrate the arts of archery, sword-fighting and cookery in the Middle Ages!

Playing Medievally: The MMitD Summer School 2021

Are you a confident and competent instrumentalist who is interested in medieval music and would like to know how to develop and deliver a more medieval sound? That's the aim of 'Playing Medievally'. It's not for beginners in their instrument, and no specific instrumental tuition will be provided - it's for vocalists or instrumentalists of intermediate level or higher who want a better grasp of medieval music and performance. It's also open to those who are primarily interested in the history but want a better understanding of its music, and it is therefore possible to attend the vocal or instrumental sessions as an observer if preferred. Our Summer School delivers two days of tuition delivered by the members of medieval ensemble Trouvere (who also run the Medieval Music in the Dales festi...

Music in the Medieval West – Western Music in Context (2014)

Margot Fassler's Music in the Medieval West imaginatively reconstructs the repertoire of the Middle Ages by drawing on a wide range of sources. In addition to highlighting the ceremonial and dramatic functions of medieval music (both sacred and secular), she pays special attention to the exchange of musical ideas, the development of musical notation and other methods of transmission, and the role of women in musical culture.

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