The Medieval Christmas at Old Kings Head 2022

Have a taste of a Medieval Christmas! Learn all about celebrations, customs and traditions of the Medieval Christmas; from fasting to carolling, to banquets and dancing during this live talk, sample tasting and demonstration!

Kingdom of Caid Medieval Marketplace

Come out and support your local SCA Merchants for your Holiday shopping needs! Open to the public!

Meet the Medieval Swordmaster at the King Richard III Visitor Centre

Find out about swords used throughout the ages and across the world!

Festival Medieval Guanajuato 2022

Artesanía,Teatro, Danza, Combates con espada, Justas a caballo, Arquearía y Malabares... todo en un mismo sitio!

Medieval Rodeo 2022

Support therapeutic riding sessions for persons with special needs at this family friendly event!

The 9th Annual Mythical & Medieval Fest of Myrtle Beach

Join Mythical & Medieval Fest for their 9th year! This time we are doing a fundraiser for Caleb's Dragonfly Dreams! Family friendly!

Our friends from Ukraine: Medieval Extreme

As an armchair historian who came to the wonderful, hectic sport of Historical Medieval Battle and Buhurt sometime in 2015 (?), I went on a mass "Add Friend" spree to meet and connect with various buhurtists all over the world...

Medieval Window Workshop

The Medieval Glass Window teaches the basics of soldering with a soldering wand, using flux, metal, copper tape, and other tools/supplies to create the quintessential medieval window. the workshop focuses on the formation of the window rather than cutting glass. Preshaped diamond and triangle beveled glass will be used. This is an in-person workshop. There are no kits and no videos available.

Marché Médiéval 2022

Il aura lieu le samedi 4 juin et dimanche 5 juin. Chalet, chapiteau Santonier, et extérieur pour toute inscription et tarifs veuillez vous adresser au centre culturel de la mairie

Marché Médiéval de Noël à Provins 2022

Chaque année WeDiscover vous invite à découvrir le Marché Médiéval de Noël de Provins. Ludique et authentique, le marché médiéval de Noël de Provins enchantera petits et grands. Réchauffez-vous en dansant sur des musiques médiévales, admirez les prouesses des jongleurs et découvrez l’atmosphère unique et féerique du marché en soirée, illuminé par des centaines de bougies... Revivez la magie de Noël à travers de nombreuses animations à la fois insolites et traditionnelles !

Deuxième tournoi médiéval des Ecuries de Chaumont en Charolais 2022

Venez participer à deux jours d'immersion totale dans l'univers du Moyen-Age.

Viking Fest 2022

Whitestown’s annual Viking Fest is right around the mead barrel, happening April 29th-May 1st!

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