Deuxième tournoi médiéval des Ecuries de Chaumont en Charolais 2022

Venez participer à deux jours d'immersion totale dans l'univers du Moyen-Age.

Europe Cup – Turnier Bogen 2022

We are happy to announce that we can host a tournament in "Europe Cup mode" in Germany. MCF Full Contact Tournaments in the categories: Buhurt + 1 vs.1

Medieval Window Workshop

The Medieval Glass Window teaches the basics of soldering with a soldering wand, using flux, metal, copper tape, and other tools/supplies to create the quintessential medieval window. the workshop focuses on the formation of the window rather than cutting glass. Preshaped diamond and triangle beveled glass will be used. This is an in-person workshop. There are no kits and no videos available.

John Koronik Memorial Tournament 2022 – an ACW Atlantic Regional Tournament

Spectators and fans! Come see armored combat fighters from throughout the ACW Atlantic Region compete in the annual JOHN KORONIK MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT!

POSTPONED INDEFINITELY – Beremytske Knight Fest 2022

The Beremytske Knight Fest Medieval Fighting Championship of Ukraine will take place on April 30 and May 1 in Beremytske Nature Park. These are not stage fights, everything is real here!

Viking Fest 2022

Whitestown’s annual Viking Fest is right around the mead barrel, happening April 29th-May 1st!

1° Festival Medieval para “Ogros” 2022

O 1° Festival Medieval para Ogros. Muita música com as Melhores Bandas Medievais, comida e bebida ao melhor estilo Ogro em 2 dias de imersão!

Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Fayre 2022

The Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Fayre returns to the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey over the third weekend of April, 2022. The fayre will open at 10am and close at 5pm each day. Battles, activities, fine ale, the joust and more.

Boddington Medieval Fayre & Feast 2022

Come join us for a family-friendly fun day in Boddington!

HMB Tournament – Battle Libušín 2022

This is more than just another HMB tournament. Its a spiritual thing! - Libušín Battle & Tournament is not only another medieval event. Its a true leading traditional festival in Bohemian lands. 29 years of battles and tournaments formed one of the biggest medieval festivals in Europe and for sure biggest festival here in Czech republic.

Battle of Libušín 2022

The Czech medieval historical festival "Battle of Libušín", founded in 1991 is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It is regularly attended by around 2,500 performers from the Czech Republic and abroad, and is watched by several thousand spectators. You can see more than a thousand fighters in the battle itself!

Fantasy Medieval Fair 2022

Be immersed in medieval history, with traditional artisan demonstrations, combat reenactments, market stalls, and historical activities.

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