The Trans-Tasman Buhurt Cup 2022

Come and support your local fighters and see an Australia vs NZ medieval battle competition at Brewtown, Upper Hutt on the 27th of August. Entry is free!

Torneo Nacional de Combate Medieval 2022


Tournoi de Woippy Buhurt League Tournament 2022

Tournoi de Woippy, Buhurt Challenger Tournament 2022

Torneo Delle Alpi Buhurt League Tournament 2022

E' arrivato il momento di aggiungere ai buoni propositi per l'anno nuovo una nuova passione ricca di emozioni! Lo sport da combattimento a squadre più spettacolare di sempre: la BUHURT

Pascal Vuk JustOut Festival Buhurt League Tournament 2022

See you in Despotovac, at the foot of the walls of the Manasija monastery!

Mercia Challenge Cup Buhurt League Tournament 2022

No Mercy at Towcester Greyhound Stadium with an international roster of teams out for gold!

Desafío San Luís de Letras Buhurt League Tournament 2022

Combates de Caballeros | Espectáculos | Mercado Medieval | Juegos

Knyaz USA Club Fundraiser 2022

Come on through and experience what buhurt is all about! All are welcome!

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