A Cultural History of the Medieval Sword: Power, Piety and Play

The sword is an important and multi-faceted symbol of military power, royal and communal authority, religion and mysticism. This study takes the sword beyond its functional role as a tool for killing, considering it as a cultural artefact, and the broader meaning and significance it had to its bearer.


There is something new and exiting for everyone from the seasoned Swordpunk, the master martial artist, to the complete novice.

Swords of the Renaissance III 2022

This event is dedicated to the different styles and weapons of the Renaissance - intended to provide an overview and provide space for exchange and experimentation. Save the date and join us!

Free Event – Medieval Combat in Central Park VII

Come join us for the seventh time in Central Park for medieval combat! Fighting is fast-paced with weapons padded for full contact--like paintball, but with swords and shields. Participants engage in simulated medieval combat and attempt to defeat their opponents in a variety of scenarios ranging from duels to castle sieges. We use swords, shields, spears, axes, grappling, archery, and more! No experience necessary.

Black Horns Cup Tournament 2022

Turniej dawnych europejskich sztuk walki, zaliczany do cyklu Ligi FEDER. 3 - 5 czerwca 2022. Poznań!

Bayou Fecht 2022

Bayou Fecht (Hosted by Nachreisen Historical Fencing) is being held May 28 - 29, 2022 in Gonzales, Louisiana. Register today for a relaxing weekend of community, swords, and fun - Cajun Style! Registration includes workshops, entry to both longsword and dagger tournaments and a full coffee bar with (blasphemous) king cake, as well as Saturday night's After Fecht party!

Purpleheart Open 2022

Three day all encompassing HEMA event featuring tournaments, workshops from renowned instructors, and plenty of casual sparring.

POSTPONED INDEFINITELY – Battle of the Nations 2022: XI HMB World Championship

The XI HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations, the largest and most prestigious HMB tournament in the world, where the best fighters of forty countries compete, takes place on June 2-5, 2022 in the Oradea fortress, Romania.

The Sword: Form & Thought

The sword is the most iconic of all weapons. Throughout history, it has connected various, sometimes conflicting, dimensions of human culture: physical combat and representation of political power, definition of gender roles and refinement of body techniques, evolution of craftsmanship and mythological symbolism.

Cutting with the Medieval Sword: Theory & Application

This book lays bare the principles of the use of the sword with unprecedented detail—principles that are universal across nearly all cultures and time periods, including our own. This information comes from centuries-old living lineage martial arts, medieval fencing treatises and decades of combined research, experimentation and application. It is accessible to anyone, from a complete beginner to a seasoned expert.

Records of the Medieval Sword

Forty years of intensive research into the specialised subject of the straight two-edged knightly sword of the European middle ages are contained in this classic study.

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