International Medieval Jousting Tournament

Arundel Castle is proud to be the venue for the International Medieval Jousting Tournament. Over six days, eight international jousters will fight to be crowned Champion of Champions having been a past individual winner at Arundel or the top scorer for their country.

Winter Camp 2023

The longest running buhurt training event in the USA returns!

MordMini III

Mordhau Historical Combat is hosting another MordMini tournament in preparation for SoCal SwordFight. Competitors do not need to be competing at SoCal SwordFight to participate in the MordMini, but it is strongly recommended for those who are planning to go. Open to all skill levels, including beginners and experienced fighters, and open to all HEMA schools.

War in the West 2023

Watch this space!

The Vermont Cheese Cup 2023: Rumble at Retreat Farm

The Vermont Cheese Cup: Rumble at Retreat Farm - Come join us for the first annual Vermont Cheese Cup: Rumble at Retreat Farm for two full days of brutal melees, epic duels and matched profights here in Brattleboro (Southern Vermont).

Grapes of Wrath 2023

The Iron Lions, Ravenwood Faire and Mountain Run Winery present: Grapes of Wrath 2023

Torneo di Spada 2023

Torneo di Spada 2023 in Potsdam, Germany.


Unicorn FightClub is a series of open tournaments held over three days in central Christchurch, New Zealand - It has the format of an international HEMA competition while remaining accessible and friendly (as is the kiwi way).

ArkanWars 2023 Tournament

We're back! Last year's tournament was a great success and we anticipate 2023 to be even bigger and better! So join us for our 2023 - Annual Mixed Weapons tournament right here in the Ozarks!! We've got some new things in store for this year's event!

Skt Paddy Day HEMA Gathering 2023

Then it's time again for HEMA Hobro to invite you to HEMA, to have fun and party! The program is ready, and sign-ups are open!

Keppinautur 2023 – Charity HEMA Tournament

Keppinautur er byrjendavænt góðgerðarmót í langsverðum sem er opið öllum HEMA iðkendum / Keppinautur is a beginner friendly longsword charity tournament that is open to all HEMA practitioners.

Kings of the North 2023

On the weekend of March 4th/5th 2023 KotN will return to study the martial arts of Europe from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

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