The 9th Annual Mythical & Medieval Fest of Myrtle Beach

Join Mythical & Medieval Fest for their 9th year! This time we are doing a fundraiser for Caleb's Dragonfly Dreams! Family friendly!

Giants in Scandinavian Mythology and Folklore with Dr. Tommy Kuusela

A different perspective on giants, moving from Old Norse mythology to younger folklore accounts, and a discussion of similarities and differences.

An Evening in Asgard – The Home of the Norse Gods with Lena Heide-Brennand

This on-line event will be an evening of captivating tales about the main characters of Asgard and the creatures that existed alongside them.

Fra Viking Til Ridder 2022

Det er ikke hver dag beboerne på gården har så fint besøg så alle sejl er sat til. Hvem mon løber med sejren og hyldes som vinder?

Trelleborg Vikingefestival 2022

Oplev vikingeboder, duft til den famøse vikingegryde mens den simrer over bålet, aktiviteter for både store som små. Vi glæder os til at se jer!

Wikingermarkt Bockhorn 2022

Erwartet werden rund 300 Teilnehmer die auf dem Gelände des Oldtimermarktes das Alltagsleben der Wikinger darstellen!

Ashville Ohio Viking Festival 2023

A diverse festival atmosphere with historic encampments from throughout history!

Viking Knit for Beginners

A great Viking knit class for beginners.

Viking Knit for Beginners

A great Viking knit class for beginners.

Bill Arnott – Gone Viking

Bill Arnott discusses 'Gone Viking' and 'Gone Viking II', guiding us on an epic literary odyssey following history’s most feared and misunderstood voyageurs: the Vikings. Prepare yourself for an armchair adventure like no other!


With Nordic animals, Viking-age reenactment and camp, as well as educational demonstrations, a Viking Ship, and of course, Viking battles! Come listen to the music, and watch the dancers as you browse Scandinavian and Viking-age related vendors and food stalls! Relive the age of the Vikings at the Manassas Viking Festival. 

Appalachian Viking & Slavic Invasion 2022

We are thrilled to announce a 1ST APPALACHIAN VIKING & SLAVIC FESTIVAL!

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