Coffee with a Codex: Ethics

The event is informal and everyone is welcome to attend. Registration required to attend.

Imagining Jerusalem in Late Medieval Nuremberg: Adam Kraft & Albrecht Durer – Lecture

Recent research shows that imagining Jerusalem played a crucial part in many late medieval devotional practices – virtual pilgrimages to Jerusalem, reconstructions of its topography and sacred places in European cities, visualizations of one’s own city as Jerusalem.

Astronomy in the Great Mosque of Damascus: Towards a Social History of Mamluk Astronomy

Join us at the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, 7 Owengate, Durham, DH1 3HB, on March 15 at 5:00 p.m. to hear Yusuf Tayara of the Oxford University History Department present his research on ‘Astronomy in the Great Mosque of Damascus: Towards a Social History of Mamluk Astronomy’.

The Battle of Nechtansmere Webinar – Ecgfrith of Northumbria vs. the Picts

In this webinar, we will look at records of the battle, the arguments for its location, and the historical background that makes it such a significant event in early medieval insular history.

From Medieval Altarpieces to David Parr House: My Journey in the Conservation of Paintings

Join us for this talk where Mary Kempski will take you on a fascinating conservation journey, from the earliest Medieval Altarpiece created in England in 1275, to the 19th century and David Parr House in Cambridge.

‘Medieval Fortifications in Cilicia’ with Dweezil Vandekerckhove

In his presentation ‘Medieval Fortifications in Cilicia’ Dweezil Vandekerckhove will offer the audience a better insight in the origins, development and spatial distribution of fortified sites from the time of the Armenian Kingdom (1198-1375).

Ideas on Tap: Gender, Power, and Magic in Medieval Europe

While the popular imagination connects witchcraft with women, learned magic was considered unsuitable for women in medieval Europe. Join UCLA scholar Kersti Francis for a look at magical women in medieval literature—and at magic's power to delineate and disrupt gender roles.

Medieval Monsters, and the Problem of Evil – Dr Stephen Asma /Zoom

In this illustrated lecture Dr. Asma will examine the major kinds of medieval monsters that were feared but also “cavorted with” during the Middle Ages. Some natural monsters of the ancient period continued in the medieval, but also many demons and theological monsters emerged with unprecedented terror.

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