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The Medieval Record: Sources of Medieval History

“The Medieval Record: Sources of Medieval History” second edition by Alfred J. Andrea

Fully updated and revised, this edition of a classic medieval source collection features:

  • Clear modern English translations, based on the best available critical editions, of more than 116 documentary sources—more than any other book of its kind
  • Thirty-four artifactual sources ranging from fine art to everyday items
  • A broad topical, geographical, and chronological approach, including textual and artifactual selections that shed light on such often-overlooked cohorts as women, Jews in Christian Europe, Byzantium, and Islam, and that range in time from the second century to 1493
  • Introductions and notes setting each source in its historical context
  • A detailed Student’s Guide providing step-by-step instruction on how to analyze documentary and artifactual sources
  • Numerous illustrations in each chapter
  • Topical Contents and a Glossary to assist students in their research

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