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Escondido Renaissance Faire – Spring 2022

30/04/2022 - 08/05/2022
-The Renaissance Faire with a Pirate Flair-
“Come cheer the knights who joust and fight
And feast with Kings and Queens this night
Beware the pirates, they’ll steal your heart
The Esco Ren Faire is soon to start”
10:00am – The Faire Opens
12:00pm – The Queens Royal Parade and Progress
02:00pm – Battle Pageant*
03:00pm – Battle of the Bone†
04:00pm – Jousting Tournament
06:00pm – Closing Time
(Stage Shows are held throughout the day)
Musical Performances by:
Gallows Humor (www.gallowshumorband.com…)
Her Majesty’s Minstrel Cycle (www.facebook.com…)
Event Activities:
Jousting Tournament
Dual Stage with Live Entertainment throughout the day
Clothing, Weapon and Trinket Shoppes
Turkey legs and delicious nourishments
Beer, ale, mead and of course, rum
Costume attire is encouraged, not required
* Guild vs Guild fight for victory in a 16th century mock battle
† A tug-of-war between two combatants, the one who pry’s the bone from the hands of their opponent wins

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