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Southeast Arc Fencing Open 2023

25/03/2023 - 26/03/2023
Atlanta Historical Fencing Academy has a resource group called “Arc” and we’re hosting our first tournament!
Arc supports the under-represented genders in our club and support their journey and growth into Freifechters.
Under-represented genders include: Ciswomen, Trans-women, Non-Binaries, and Trans-men.
“Arc” as a name refers to a shield; that the Arc of a shield helps deflect and defend attacks away from you. That’s what this group is — a Shield that can be used to protect and support those in it with regards to the greater HEMA community.
The Southeast Arc Fencing Open will be held on March 25-26, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia at AHFA headquarters. This tournament is open to all Ciswomen, Transwomen, Non-binary people, and Transmen.
Over the two day period, we will have a Longsword, Sword and Buckler, and Rapier and Dagger tournaments! Additionally, we will have a few featured guests as well as other instructors — who are all under-represented genders in HEMA!
The ruleset will be the same as the Southeast Renaissance Fencing Open (SERFO) that AHFA hosts in June. The ruleset will be posted over the next couple of weeks as a reminder.
Registration will open in December 2022 and we’ll be making announcements on Instructors and official schedule over the next couple of months!

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Atlanta Historical Fencing Academy
1370 Hills Place NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
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+1 678-622-2310
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