Way of Honor Buhurt Open Tournament 2022

Historisch gerüsteter Vollkontaktkampf! Unser Eisenliga-Turnier ist wieder da! Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Teams aus ganz Europa und haben Platz für 20 Mannschaften geschaffen!

Berlepsch Cup Buhurt Challenger Tournament 2022

The nistorical full contact combat Iron League Tournament is back at Schloss Berlepsch!

Wikingermarkt Bockhorn 2022

Erwartet werden rund 300 Teilnehmer die auf dem Gelände des Oldtimermarktes das Alltagsleben der Wikinger darstellen!

A History of Germany in the Middle Ages (2017)

Ernest F. Henderson’s A History of Germany in the Middle Ages aimed to rectify this by bringing to the fore a full history of Germany from the fourth century to the thirteenth century.

The Flight & Fall of the Eagle: A History of Medieval Germany 800–1648 (2016)

In addition to tracing the political, cultural and religious history of medieval Germany, this volume examines the thought of outstanding German men and women.

The Thirty Years War: Europe’s Tragedy (2011)

A deadly continental struggle, the Thirty Years War devastated seventeenth-century Europe, killing nearly a quarter of all Germans and laying waste to towns and countryside alike.

Germania: In Wayward Pursuit of the Germans & Their History (2011)

A book full of curiosities: odd food, castles, mad princes, fairy tales and is about the limits of language, the meaning of culture, and the pleasure of townscape, and "a book you will return to time and again"

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