Free Event – Medieval Combat in Central Park VII

Come join us for the seventh time in Central Park for medieval combat! Fighting is fast-paced with weapons padded for full contact--like paintball, but with swords and shields. Participants engage in simulated medieval combat and attempt to defeat their opponents in a variety of scenarios ranging from duels to castle sieges. We use swords, shields, spears, axes, grappling, archery, and more! No experience necessary.

Black Horns Cup Tournament 2022

Turniej dawnych europejskich sztuk walki, zaliczany do cyklu Ligi FEDER. 3 - 5 czerwca 2022. Poznań!

Compétition de Béhourd en Duel – La Dame d’Acier 2022

French team selection tournament in 1vs1 categories for participation in the Battle of the Nations 2022! Le samedi 05 et le dimanche 06 mars 2022 aura lieu la "La Dame d'Acier", compétition de béhourd duel ligues HMB et WMFC, (rankés au classement international) qui se déroulera pour la première fois à Saint Michel sur Orge.

Helsinki Longsword Open 2022

Helsinki Longsword open is here for 2022 with a new date! We are going to be hosting six tournaments this year: Open Longsword, Women's Longsword, Longsword Cutting, Open Saber, Open Katana and Triathlon.

Duel Season: Winter HEMA Tournament 2022 / Дуельний сезон: Зима 2022

The traditional 8th Winter HEMA Tournament by HEMA Guild of Duel Fencing returns for 2022!

A Gentleman’s Guide to Duelling: Of Honour & Honourable Quarrels (2014)

Originally published under the title Of Honour and Honourable Quarrels Saviolo's guide is devoted to the art of settling a duel in a gentlemanly manner. It was written in a time when honour, virtue and codes of behaviour were of grave importance; and rapier play was seen as ideally suited to the requirements of a gentleman.

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