Yule Viking Festival 2023 – Opening Weekend

The time has come- the Invasion is nigh! We invite you all to join us this December, for the first annual Yule Viking Festival at Avalon Faire!

4th Annual Jubilee Renaissance Faire 2023

The home of Knights of Valour Extreme Jousting Team. We invite everyone to come and be jubilant at the annual Jubilee Renaissance Faire.

Kearney Renaissance Faire 2023

Welcome to the 25th Anniversary of the Kearney Renaissance Faire! 1500 performers, Shop at the best market place with Vendors and Food! Two Stages full of world Class entertainment, Music, Armoured Tournament, Full contact Jousting, Meet King Henry VIII and his new Bride Anne of Cleves!

The Hot Springs Renaissance Faire 2023

Enjoy celebrating our 5th anniversary with more of everything you have come to love! A brand new expanded entrance and new area to explore called " The Farm", merchants and food vendor intermingled with live period demonstrations. Lively entertainment from around the nation on 5 stages.

Mississippi Renaissance Festival 2023

The Mississippi Renaissance Festival brings the past to life with fun interactive entertainment geared for all ages!

Brecon Medieval Fayre 2023

Step back in time for the first ever Medieval festival in Brecon.

Connecticut Renaissance Faire 2023 – 1st Weekend

Bring your friends and family, and let's make this 25th season of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire an unforgettable journey through time. Huzzah!

North Dakota Renaissance Fair 2023 – 1st Weekend

Step back in time and experience the magic of the Renaissance era at the ND Renaissance Fair at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds!

Glastonbury Renaissance Faire 2023

Come on out and play at the Faire!

Michigan Renaissance Festival 2023 – First Weekend

Join the villagers of Hollygrove as they invite one and all to the magical 16th Century European village featuring 17 stages of exciting entertainment including: musicians, magicians, jugglers and jousting over 7 theme weekends!

Blacktown City Medieval Banquet 2023

Dine on medieval food and drink whilst being entertained with various performances throughout the night.

Medieval Festival at Castell Biwmares / Beaumaris Castle

Come and see Beaumaris Castle transported back to medieval times, where knights, lords and ladies, musicians and jesters take you back to what life was like at the time in Wales.

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