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The Fall of the House of Borgia

“The Fall of the House of Borgia (The Mad, Bad and Ugly of Italian History)” by E.R. Chamberlin.

An enthralling history of the most notorious family of Renaissance Italy.

Did Rodrigo corruptly bribe his way to the papal throne to become Pope Alexander VI? Was Juan murdered by his brother Cesare in his pursuit for power? And was Lucrezia really involved in incestuous relationships?

Legends surround the Borgia family, but what was the truth behind it all?

E. R. Chamberlin’s masterful portrait of these extraordinary people separates fact from fiction and shines a dazzling light on Renaissance Italy.

Beginning with Rodrigo Borgia, Chamberlin charts this intelligent but ruthless man’s passage to the top. He uncovers how, as Pope Alexander VI, he directed his family to carve out a Borgia kingdom in the heart of Italy. The chaotic intrigues, alliances, and wars that Cesare and Lucrezia became embroiled with are exposed in fascinating detail as competing dynasties and cities struggled for survival before the family’s fortunes crumbled.

“By isolating unsubstantiated rumor, by viewing the more unsavory Borgia activities in the light of political realities of the time, and quietly including contemporary accounts from the more reliable sources, Chamberlin is able to illuminate the extraordinary power of the Borgias.” Kirkus Reviews

The Fall of the House of Borgia reveals the astounding brilliance of the Renaissance as well as ugly reality of Papal Rome. It should be essential reading for all looking for insight into the shadowy world of sixteenth century Italy and interested in finding out the truth of this remarkable family.


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