A Work of Passion: The Story of Jeanne de Belleville, the Countess Pirate.

A Work of Passion: The Story of Jeanne de Belleville, the Countess Pirate.

1343, Duchy of Brittany.

How did a countess renowned for her beauty, become the most feared pirate in the kingdom of France in the space of a few years? Little known to the general public, is that Jeanne de Belleville is one of the most emblematic figures of the Hundred Years War.
A noble Breton woman. who will mark history by her fierce resistance against the authority of the King of France, Philip VI of Valois.

This film, with it’s strict eye on historical authenticity, sets to enlighten this tumultuous voyage.

Shot in the Breton language, scenes from the Middle Ages are performed in Guissény, aboard the boats of the Ar Soudarded association, and in the town of Pont-Croix and its reconstructed medieval village. The role of Jeanne is interpreted by Cyrielle Theilliere, a renowned singer-dancer and actress of the shows Grease, the Original and Naturya.

The director Maxime Pinchaud wanted to ensure the historical context as accurately as possible. The costumes as well as the sets have been rigorously selected in order to immerse the viewer in Brittany of the fourteenth century.

This first shooting session was carried out thanks to the participation of over 85 passionate volunteers, film professionals, historical associations and experts in a range of various subjects.

The producers need your support to take their project further and make a longer, full-length, version of the Jeanne de Belleville film!

Here’s how to support the project:
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A truly amazing project, we await with bated breath as to any further progress in this endeavor.



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