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Burgfest Burghausen 2022

08/07/2022 - 10/07/2022

Time for living history

Haven’t we all always dreamed of a “time machine” that transports us to eras long past?

Conventional teaching of history is far too dry for the growing need for lively insights into historical contexts.

So it’s no wonder that “Living History” is enjoying increasing popularity. “Reenactment” makes history tangible through active reliving; In this direct confrontation, battles, camp life, everyday life or social events are staged and re-enacted as authentically as possible.

Few eras shaped Europe’s history more than the Renaissance, the time of the Peasants’ Wars, the Reformation, the invention of the printing press and the discovery of new continents. That’s why we, the Herzogstadt Burghausen e. V. settled our association at this time, perhaps also a little because of the variety and abundance of colors!

We – these are historically interested people – bring these events back to life and turn dry history lessons into lifelike, colorful, but also authentic pictures and scenes. We are like-minded people of all ages delving into the Renaissance era together.

We bring you back to the time of the Renaissance and thus bring you closer to an important piece of Bavarian and Burghausen history!

Therefore : go with us on a “journey through time” to this era of the Landsknechts! Do not content yourself with being a spectator in front of the television, but come to our events and convince yourself on the spot of what is happening! Even the best epic movie can’t give you that experience!


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