Bill Arnott – Gone Viking

Bill Arnott discusses 'Gone Viking' and 'Gone Viking II', guiding us on an epic literary odyssey following history’s most feared and misunderstood voyageurs: the Vikings. Prepare yourself for an armchair adventure like no other!

Talk: Dr Rebecca Boyd ‘The best seat in the house? Being at home in Viking-Age Waterford.’

29/04/2022 Dr Rebecca Boyd ‘The best seat in the house? Being at home in Viking-Age Waterford.’

The Guest of the Body: Visualizing Souls in Medieval Europe, 1100-1200

This talk looks at a series of medieval images, particularly funerary monuments, that reflect on the departure of the soul and emphasize its fraught relationship to the body that is left behind, and to which it shall return.

Medieval Dress Up: Virtual Art History Encore Presentation with Michael Norris

Online Event by Monmouth County Library Encore presentation of Medieval Dress-Up will be available to view via Library Webpage (registration not needed). We will look at styles from hats to heels, and from unmentionables to the gaudiest outer layers, to get a sense of everyday fashion for noblewomen, peasants, and everyone in between. Medieval paintings, sculptures, and tapestries will guide our eye, especially examples from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Michael Norris of Armchair Art Tours received his BA in classics from the University of California at San Diego and his MA in classics and PhD in Art History at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He spent twenty years at the Cloisters Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and has lectured on trips all over the...

The Horse in Medieval Law Seminar

The invited speakers are Marieke Röben, who is going to talk about Edictum Rothari (the Lombard law code), Andrew O’Donnghaile and Edgar Rops, who will discuss medieval Irish and Welsh law codes, respectively.

St. Albert the Great: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Science | Online Science and Religion Series

Online Event by Angelicum Thomistic Institute Register here:… St. Albert the Great: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Science Fr. Thomas Davenport, OP The Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas 16 November 2021 7pm live from the Angelicum, Rome 7pm CET / 6pm GMT / 1pm EST You can live-stream this talk here on Facebook or on YouTube without registering, but if you register, we will send you a Zoom link via email and you will have an opportunity to submit questions to the speaker after the talk.  

Sustainability Narratives: Seeing Environmental Transformation in Medieval Nordic Literature

Online Event by Oslo School of Environmental Humanities In this talk, Old Norse philologists Stefka G. Eriksen will introduce a new research initiative ‘Sustainability Narratives’ (SUSTAIN), which will discuss the role of literature and narratives of all mediums in environmental and societal transformations in the medieval North.

Medieval Military Effigies of Derbyshire

This talk will explore knightly effigies that remain in Derbyshire carved between 1250-1500. It will look at what remains together with an historical background and some case studies. Mark Downing is the President of the Church Monuments Society and a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries London. He has seen and published all military church monuments between 1200-1500 in England and Wales and is a leading authority on this subject; an interest he has had for over 30 years. Online Event by Church Monuments Society

Trans and Genderqueer Subjects in Medieval Hagiography

This event is part of IRWG's Gender: New Works, New Questions series, which spotlights recent publications by U-M faculty members and allows for deeper discussion by an interdisciplinary panel.

Talk: A Medieval Christmas

A Medieval Christmas: The Christmas Season in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight What was Christmas like in medieval times? The finest Middle English romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight provides fresh insights into the Christmas traditions and customs of former times. Ad Putter, co-editor of the Penguin edition, will introduce the poem and explore the Yuletide setting, with readings from the original poem. Ad Putter is Professor of Medieval English, Co-Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Bristol, and Fellow of the British Academy. With Myra Stokes, he is the editor of The Works of the Gawain Poet (Penguin 2014). ​This talk will be in person. There is the option to join online, please see here for an online ticket:…...

Living Matter in Medieval Denmark 2021

The role of images and materiality in the medieval West, especially Denmark, religious objects, mainly figures and images, frequently animated and acquired life.

The Medieval Park of Erringden 2021

This talk presents what can be discovered about the park’s past in both a local and regional context.

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