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The Alphabet of Galen: Pharmacy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

“The Alphabet of Galen: Pharmacy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, Illustrated Edition” by Nicholas Everett

The Alphabet of Galen is a critical edition and English translation of a text describing, in alphabetical order, nearly three hundred natural products – including metals, aromatics, animal materials, and herbs – and their medicinal uses.

A Latin translation of earlier Greek writings on pharmacy that have not survived, it circulated among collections of ‘authorities’ on medicine, including Hippocrates, Galen of Pergamun, Soranus, and Ps. Apuleius.

This work presents interesting linguistic features, including otherwise unattested Greek and Latin technical terms and unique pharmacological descriptions.

Nicholas Everett provides a window onto the medieval translation of ancient science and medieval conceptions of pharmacy.

With a comprehensive scholarly apparatus and a contextual introduction, The Alphabet of Galen is a major resource for understanding the richness and diversity of medical history.


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