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The Limbourg Brothers: Reflections on the Origins & the Legacy of Three Illuminators from Nijmegen

“The Limbourg Brothers: Reflections on the Origins and the Legacy of Three Illuminators from Nijmegen” by Rob Dückers & Pieter Roelofs.

Although the Nijmegen artists Herman, Paul and Jean de Limbourg were barely thirty years old when they suddenly died in 1416, they could already look back on a formidable career.

Now, even almost six hundred years after their creation, their colourful and highly refined miniatures in the Belles Heures and Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry still speak vividly to our imagination.

In 2005, Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen presented the exhibition The Limbourg Brothers. Nijmegen Masters at the French Court (1400-1416). This was the first time that original miniatures out of four manuscripts by the Limbourg brothers were shown in the Netherlands.

The exhibition formed an excellent opportunity to invite prominent scholars to share their views on the art of the Limbourg brothers during a two day conference. This publication presents in written form the conference papers delivered by some of the leading scholars in the field. In that respect, this volume acts as an addendum to the catalogue.

Contributors of this title include, Hanneke van Asperen, Gregory T. Clark, Herman Th. Colenbrander, Rob Duckers, Eberhard Konig, Margaret Lawson, Stephen G. Perkinson, Pieter Roelofs, Victor M. Schmidt.


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