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Two Sagas of Mythical Heroes: Hervor & Heidrek & Hrólf Kraki & His Champions

“Two Sagas of Mythical Heroes: Hervor and Heidrek and Hrólf Kraki and His Champions” by Jackson Crawford.

Inherited through the line of the berserker Angantýr and his war-loving daughter Hervor, the ever-lethal, shining sword Tyrfing and its changes of hands frame the uncanny story of The Saga of Hervor and Heiđrek.

A second heroic saga, Hrólf Kraki and His Champions, recounts the daring deeds of the members and entourage of the ancient Danish house of Skjoldung.

Passed down orally in pre-Christian Norse times, transmitted in writing in medieval Iceland, and here wielded by the hand of Jackson Crawford, the tales told in this volume retain their sharp edges and flashes of glory that never fail to slay.


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