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Weapons, Warriors and Battles of Ancient Iberia

“Weapons, Warriors and Battles of Ancient Iberia” by Fernando Quesada-Sanz, and translated by Elizabeth Clowes.

In ancient times, the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) was home to warriors of great renown.

Iberian and Celtiberian warriors, both infantry and cavalry, served as the backbone of the Carthaginian armies that terrorized Italy under Hannibal, and proved even more fierce when defending their homeland against later Roman occupation. The Lusitanian resistance under Viriathus was among the toughest the Romans encountered anywhere.

Professor Quesada Sanz details the arms, armor and equipment of the various warriors of the region in fantastic detail, drawing on his intimate knowledge of the latest archaeological and historical research.

His clear and informative text is supported throughout by a wealth of photographs, diagrams and exquisite color artwork by Carlos Fernandez del Castillo.

This beautiful book is a rare combination of detailed, comprehensive information and sumptuous visual appeal that will be cherished by anyone with an interest in the warriors and weapons of the ancient world.

The Spanish edition won the Hislibris Award for the ‘Best Historical Book’ for 2010 and is here faithfully translated into English.


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