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King Robert the Bruce

“King Robert the Bruce” by Alexander Falconer Murison.

A legend of Scottish history, Robert the Bruce helped forge the foundation of Scotland’s independence. Like William Wallace, he fought valiantly with his countrymen against King Edward I and the English army. The true history of Robert the Bruce and Scotland is filled with stories of trials, tribulations, and overcoming the odds. This is what makes these tales so thrilling to history and adventure fans alike.

One of Bruce’s most significant accomplishments was the 1314 underdog victory of England’s army at Bannockburn. Other significant tales include Bruce’s defeat of the Knight de Bohun with a follow-up defeat of the English army. Further stories provide a true account of the events that happened during King Robert’s reign.

First published in 1899, this new edition of King Robert the Bruce by Alexander Falconer Murison preserves the classic text in its push for historical authenticity — without any added flair from films and myths. The story of Scotland’s fight for independence continues to inspire people all across the world.


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