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Medieval European Empires: Early Nations of Fifth-Century Europe to the Renaissance

“Medieval European Empires: Early Nations of Fifth-Century Europe to the Renaissance” by Arthur Eaton.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, the light of civilization withered, and a darkness fell across an entire continent. Welcome to the Medieval Ages where barbarians roamed, witches ran amok, danger lurked in every forest from wolves and bears amongst unrestrained pestilence.

But people in those times were no different to you and I, with desires to stay alive, protect their families, find love and even great wealth. So those people fought back. While many perished in terrible famines others revelled in the glory of jousting knights. Castles were built, powerful individuals rose to become Kings and empires were born.

This is the Medieval Ages, a rich tapestry of stories about strife and survival lasting no less than a 1000 years.

Yet these incredible stories are not fiction. They happened. Real people, real events.

The Dark Ages were certainly a time of battles and conquering, but not always in the way you might expect. The truth is, medieval Europe flourished in many ways, creating the stepping-stones for the eventual birth of the renaissance. Despite plague, poverty, and religious fervour, it was a time of thriving industry, exploration, and an explosion in art and culture. But also, some conquering.

Playing the political field and holding onto seats of power wasn’t easy by any means. Through marriages, assassinations, coups and battles, these empires rose to great heights in a time commonly thought of as lacking civilization and progress.

With political intrigue and alliances abound, you’ll discover warring powers and noble leaders, brutal massacres, and pinnacles of achievement


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